Let’s have a talk about meetings.

Working together brings so much value; it can be inspiring or it can help solve complex problems. Yet, many times receiving an invite for a meeting in your inbox feels terrible.

In the beginning, when a group or a team are formed, people get together gladly, they discuss what matters, everybody wants to contribute and people want to know each other.
It feels energizing.

But after a while things change.
Meetings are popping up all over the place: Daily Standups, Weekly Syncs, Strategy Meetings, Refinements, Plannings, Kickoffs, Demos, All hands, Company-Wide, Town halls, Monthly Sharing, Feedback Sessions, Product Development, Brainstormings and many more. It feels overwhelming, and there is almost no time to get the work done.

You joined all of them as you felt pressured, and maybe, in the beginning, you really tried to make it work. After a while, you get the idea that there will be MORE meetings no matter how much you will contribute.
They never stop.
It seems easier and easier to organize. No agenda, no preparation, no planning, just an invite, and a meeting is spawned into existence.

Suddenly you start feeling that you need to do your work in the breaks from the meetings. You start working on your tasks inside the meeting. You want to get the work done. When you feel overwhelmed, you switch companies and start from the beginning with an almost free-meetings period in your induction that you hope will last as long as possible until the meetings storm takes over.

And yet, some meetings are essential. To build something great, people need to work together. A group can create amazing results, sometimes better than what each individual could achieve.

Meetings deserve to be reconsidered. They need to be better prepared, more carefully organized, consider participants’ time and use them where they are genuinely bringing new insights and valuable perspectives or ideas.

With BrieflyMeet, we will do just that.
We are working on launching our first product: a monthly subscription for unlimited meeting designs customized to fit your own needs. You just need to tell us what kind of meeting you plan to organize, the objective and who you plan to invite.
We will tell you how to do it: agenda, preparation list, and short, valuable and actionable insights to properly run the meeting.

We will also tell you if what you plan to organize should be a meeting or maybe you can achieve the same result with an asynchronous process where people can contribute when they are prepared and help you run this kind of process.

Stay tuned while we shape our product and make it easy to access and use.

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